Who I Am

I originally studied fine artd I have not drifted from some of the techniques and styles I learnt such as stippling which I use for my collection of portraits of people I know using stippling, famous people and a special collection of Buffy portraits in this style. 

I also create works in a manner of different styles using a wide variety of techniques and media. My signature bow tie is present in quite a few pieces.


I am also a jewellery maker. My styles of jewellery also range from fine jewellery to costume jewellery and replicas, including a few replica necklaces from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and necklace and bracelets from Supernatural.


I make a range of glow in the dark jewellery which started with a silver filigree heart necklace which comes in a variety of colours. This collection, however, is not just filigree hearts but Yin Yang peace symbols, Pac man and ghosts, art nouveau modern suns, cocktail glasses and a lot more!


I can be very experimental in both my artwork and jewellery and I love every minute of it. I have even made a necklace using a quote from my favourite book - The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub.


I love creating personal, unique pieces of jewellery for custom orders and even wax stamp any personal necklaces for gifts!

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Everything on this website is owned by Robyn Lees with the exception of replica and some memorabilia jewellery. All on the artwork page is the creation of Robyn Lees and is under copyright. You may not copy, reproduce or use any images on this website without prior, explicit written consent from Robyn Lees.